Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Refrigerator vent cover

So I was asked if I could make a new vent cover for a vintage Italian refrigarator. The acrylic and gray end parts were all cut on the Shapeoko 2 CNC. The lettering and icon were milled using a .023 carbaloide end mill. I placed plastic tape on the acrylic before milling, then painted the inside of the icon and lettering with automotive touch up paint before removing the plastic tape. I'm very happy with how the lettering and icon turned out.  The vent slots were cut using a .057 end mill. The entire part would not fit on the CNC so I had to reposition and reindex the acrylic to cut the vents and lettering (bigger CNC would be nice but not in the foreseeable future).  The person that owns the refrigarator was blown away with how good it looks.

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